Takamine FXC Series Hard Shell Case


Sale price$159.99


The Takamine CTAKGCS hardshell guitar case is designed to fit Takamine's FXC guitars. Musicians like to use hardshell cases to keep their guitars safe from dings and dents. From dust at home to the bumps and grinds of the road, you don't want to be taking chances with your precious guitar. When you need the robust protection of a hardshell case for your Takamine FXC guitar, the CTAKGCS hardshell guitar case is a great choice!

 Takamine CTAKGCS Hardshell FXC Guitar Case Features at a Glance:

  • Hardshell case for Takamine FXC guitars
  • The plush lining keeps the guitar safe
  • Internal storage for accessories
  • Carrying handle makes hauling your guitar easy

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