Montanari CM II Accordion 3SW 3412 FBE Black with Red


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Discover the Heartbeat of Norteño Music

Step into the soulful world of Norteño music with the New Montanari CM II Accordion. This instrument is a perfect match for musicians who hold the traditional sounds of this cherished genre close to their hearts. With its hand-made style reed blocks and Italian-style tuning, the Montanari CM II delivers a loud, clear, and robust sound that embodies the essence of your favorite tunes.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Design

The Montanari CM II stands out with its elegant finish, making it more than just an instrument—it's a statement of class. With 34 treble buttons and 12 bass buttons, it mirrors the high standards of its Italian inspirations, offering the most complete experience in its class. The three switches provide a depth of versatility, enabling you to easily create rich and complex soundscapes.

Versatility Meets Convenience

Whether you're refining your skills at home or captivating an audience with a live performance, the Montanari CM II adapts to every setting. Available in keys FBE, GCF, and EAD; it also allows the exploration of other keys, catering to your musical exploration. The included hard case and straps ensure your accordion is always protected and ready for travel.

Characteristics at a Glance:

  • Color: Black with Red
  • 34 Treble Buttons for Melodic Control
  • Key: FBE for Authentic Norteño Sound
  • 12 Bass Buttons for Harmonic Depth
  • Reed Blocks Included for Superior Sound Quality
  • Protective Hard Case and Straps for Easy Transport

Every note played on the Montanari CM II resonates with the authentic vibe of Norteño rhythms, making it an essential tool for your musical expression. Let your talent flourish with this exquisite accordion.

Visual Elegance and Durability

The images showcase the Montanari CM II's sleek design and the sturdy hard case accompanying it. The accordion's pristine finish and new grill design reflect its modern aesthetics, while the robust wooden box hints at the durability and protection your instrument enjoys. With its secure latches and reinforced corners, the hard case promises safe storage and transport, ensuring your accordion remains in top condition wherever your music takes you.

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