Garibay Bajo Quinto White Sapele with Case

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The Future has Arrived - Garibay Bajo Quinto!

The new era of the bajo quinto is within your reach today. Made in Baja California with incredible attention to detail and a selection of fine woods. Each bajo quinto the result of a job with love and respect for art and music.

From the bridge to the headstock, the Garibay bajo quintos are the next step in the evolution of the bajo quinto. Equipped with a comfortable neck, made of a single piece of solid wood of excellent quality and fine finish to play comfortably. The benefit of Garibay is that it includes a complete and adjustable truss rod in the neck of the instrument that, when the seasons change, the bajo quinto tends to change the shape of the neck. This feature is a standard in guitars around the world, but it is hardly seen in our traditional folk instruments, and cannot be underestimated.

  • Natural
  • Wood: White Sapele
  • Cover: Pinavete
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Inlays: Rhombus
  • Pick Guard: Black
  • Tuners: Chrome
  • Height, length and width: 43x15x4 (inches)
  • Case: Included

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