Shure BLX188/CVL-H9 Wireless Two Channel Receiver

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The BLX188/CVL Wireless Lapel Microphone System with 2 Microphones is part of the BLX® wireless systems.


The BLX88 wireless receiver is a two-channel receiver, durable, easy to configure, intuitive controls and diversity of internal antennas controlled through a microprocessor with H9 band (512-542 MHz). The QuickScan function, frequency selector, quickly identifies the clearest frequency, and allows easy configuration with up to 12 compatible systems in a frequency band.


Up to 14 hours of continuous use with 2 AA batteries. 300 feet (100 m) of transmission. The BLX1 body transmitter provides a lightweight and durable design. Ergonomically designed, with adjustable gain control. For use with BLX® Wireless Systems.


Lapel condenser microphone compatible with Shure wireless systems

The Centraverse Lapel Microphone (CVL) offers convenience and performance in a user-friendly, easy-to-use cardioid condenser microphone that features a simple and clear configuration designed for presentations professionals.

Precisely designed to provide many years of use in any Shure wireless system, its compact size is ideal for presentations where visibility is an important aspect. The unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern rejects unwanted sounds to provide superior audio quality and vocal reproduction.

  • Micrófono de solapa de un tamaño compacto ideal para presentaciones
  • Cápsula de condensador con patrón polar cardioide
  • Se puede utilizar con cualquier transmisor de cuerpo inalámbrico existente de Shure con conector TA4F (TQG)


  • The QuickScan function, frequency selector, quickly identifies the clearest frequency (in case of interference)
  • Up to 12 compatible systems in a frequency band (depending on the region)
  • ¼ ”and XLR output connectors
  • Diversity of internal antennas controlled through a microprocessor
  • Two-color audio status LED indicator
    • Green: Normal audio levels
    • Red: Excessive audio levels (overload / clipping)


    Band Compatible Systems: Up to 12 (depending on the region)


    • Up to 14 hours of continuous use with 2 AA batteries (included)
    • Up to 300 feet (100 m) of radio transmission
    • Quick and easy coordination with the receiver frequency
    • TQG connection for use with Shure microphones: Lapel, headband, headphones and instruments, as well as guitar cables
    • Touch switch for on and off (on / off)
    • Adjustable Gain Control
    • Lightweight and sturdy construction


    • Live voices
    • Presentation
    • Instrument
    • Gymnastics


    • Battery Life: Up to 14 hours
    • Operating Distance: Typical 300 feet (100 m) transmission radius



    • Microphone Type: condenser (electret)
    • Polar pattern: cardioid
    • Frequency response: adapted - 50 to 20,000 Hz
    • Format: Lapel
    • Model line: CENTRAVERSE
    • Miniature hook-up lapel microphone for use in low visibility situations.
    • It has a permanently charged electret capacitor to achieve clear vocal reproduction.
    • Its unidirectional (cardioid) polar pattern rejects unwanted noise to provide better sound quality.
    • The included hitch clip allows hands-free use, ideal for presenters.
    • The included windshield reduces wind noise, breathing and explosive sounds.
    • Offers frequency response adapted, optimized for presentations and speeches.
    • The TA4F (TQG) connector integrates seamlessly with Shure wireless body systems.
    • It features Shure's legendary precision engineering for durability and performance.


    • Conferences

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