Hohner Corona III BEA Red - Vallenato Accordion

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For 100 years, Hohner has been dedicated to the advancement of living and diverse musical communities and our current line of accordions can contribute to this goal like never before.

Hohner Corona, is manufactured with the best components in Germany.

The air is full of music, laughter, and people talking – but you’ll still hear the characteristic HOHNER sound through it all. Especially, if it comes from the Corona III, the biggest of the Corona Series. The crisp, voluminous sound enchants listener and player alike, inviting them to move, dance, and enjoy. A great favorite in Vallenato, Norteño, and Tex-Mex music, the Corona III is the perfect accordion for professional players who are looking for a powerful and distinctive sound, paired with longevity and good looks.

  • Model: Corona III
  • Key: BEA
  • Reed: standard quality plate
  • Number of buttons: 31
  • Rows of buttons: 3
  • Class: diatonic
  • Voices: 3
  • Standard basses: 12
  • Size (height x width): 31 cm x 19 cm
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Straps
  • Padded pouch
  • To see product warranty, click here

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