Ernie Ball Cobalt Hybrid Slinky Cobalt Strings for Electric Guitar

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Designed to maximize production and clarity, Ernie Ball's Slinky Cobalt guitar strings are the latest innovation in string technology. Seeking to provide guitarists with a new sound, cobalt strings provide an extended dynamic range, an incredible harmonic response, an increase in low range and crisp and clear levels. Cobalt provides a stronger magnetic relationship between pads and ropes than any other previously available alloy. Cobalt Slinkys are also soft and silky to the touch, which makes touching the string easier. Gauges. 009, .011, .016, .026, .036, .046

Our ball ends are made using brass wire that is machined and cut to the exact specifications to ensure an exact fit and function.

Cobalt Slinky bass strings are precisely wound with patented cobalt iron alloy wire that provides greater performance and clarity, with superior intonation and consistency.

The core is made of hexagonal tinned carbon steel wire that provides excellent durability.


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