DrumCo Plus Package


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This package includes:

  • Obelix DrumCo drumset in black : OBELIX-HB-BK
  • Zildjian Planet Z 14" Pair of Hi-Hats:  PLZ14PR
  • Zildjian Planet Z 16" Crash Cymbal: PLZ16C
  • Remo 12" Pin Stripe Transparent Drumhead: PS0312-00
  • Remo 13" Pin Stripe Transparent Drumhead: PS0313-00
  • Remo 16" Pin Stripe Transparent Drumhead: PS0316-00
  • Remo 22" Pin Stripe Transparent Basshead: PS1322-00
  • PDP Pedal: PDSP400
  • PDP Hi-Hat Stand: PDHH700

DrumCo's Obelix drumset, in black with black hardware, is a percussion set for all drummers looking for their first drums. Obelix gives you everything you need to set up and start playing the drums. It includes a bass drum, a floor tom, a snare drum, a set of hi-hats, and a crash cymbal

The hardware is included with this drumset to make sure you are ready to rock when you receive your kit. The drum DrumCo Obelix is ??ready to be easily updated with additional cymbals, toms, etc., allowing you to expand your sounds. The Obelix drumset comes with a snare drum that is built to complement the rest of the kit. They are designed to offer an unrivaled and cool beat adapting to a wide variety of sounds. A drum set is not complete without the cymbals, so it also includes a pair of hi-hats and crash cymbals

  • Color: Black
  • Hardware: Black
  • Drum Material: Wood
  • Hardware Material: Metal Aluminum
  • 22" Drum
  • 12" and 13" Toms
  • 16" Floor Toms
  • 14" Snare
  • Snare Material: ?Copper
  • ?Number of Drums: ?4
  • ?Includes: ?Pedal
  • ?30-day warranty with Hermes Music and 90 days with its manufacturer

 Model: PLZ14PR

Maintain the Rhythm. The 14" Planet Z Hi-Hats offer a range of sounds and respond precisely to how you want to play them; they are clean and clear when they are open, or short and separate when they are closed.

Model: PLZ16C

Cut through the mixture.
The 16" Planet Z Crash cymbals give your music a pronounced punch with a full and explosive sound, animated and versatile. These crashes will cut through the mix when you most need to accentuate the rhythm.

Add more color.
The Splash cymbal emits a fast and focused tone with a rapid decay. Brilliant, fast, and sharp, used for quick accents or when an alternative tone color is needed. A perfect addition for any drum or percussion setup.

The Pinstripe® Clear offers mid-range shades with lower limit and increased durability. Constructed with 2-layers of 7-mil transparent film. Pinstripe® Clear drum patches have a harmonic reducing agent applied between the 2-layers offering harmonic control with increased attack. The Pinstripe® series is one of the most popular drum patches in the world.

  • 12" drumhead
  • 13" drumhead
  • 16" drumhead
  • 22" bass drumhead
  • Ideal for Pop, R&B, y Rock applications
  • Transparent 2-layer film of 7-mil
  • Presents mid-range tones with lower limit and increased durability.

Modelo: PDSP400

The kick drum pedal PDP SP400 is designed by Drum Workshop, the company behind the legendary pedals of the 5000 series. Its chain-drive mechanism with an offset cam offers the best combination of fluid action and durability you can find. The SP400's includes a bidirectional beater ball that allows you to choose between the traditional stroke of a felt ball or the high transient "click" of the hard plastic, which actually cuts through a dense mixture. A race-inspired stirrup and a rugged steel plate base make the PDP SP400 stand out.

  • Bidirectional Beater Ball
  • Auxiliary side base plate
  • Offset cam

Drive System: Single Chain

Modelo: PDHH700

The hi-hat is a critical part of your drum kit. You will appreciate the stability and reliability of this solid 3-leg stand. You get double reinforced legs ready for trips, rubber feet that stay in place, a sensitive chain drive, and high quality equipment along the entire support. This fully adjustable stand gives you the convenience of being light, but it is definitely heavy when the time comes to play.

  • Rugged but lightweight design
  • 3-leg support
  • Double reinforced legs
  • Chain drive
  • Fluid and reliable operation
  • Rubber feet that stay in place.

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