Dr Strings BQR-10 Bajo Quinto Strings Red

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K3™ color designed to sound clear, bright and musical.

In order to create a very unique Bajo Quinto set, we have used four different materials which are Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated Steel with K3™ Color plus a combination core wire.

.060 & .080 - Stainless Steel bass strings are round wound and constructed upon a round core with loop ends. Both of these strings will provide highly flexible and musically bright and warm strings.

.026, .036, .046, .030 - strings are Nickel Plated Steel on a Hex core with loop ends. All 4 strings will compliment with the Nickel bass strings with highly warm and bright sound.

Best of all, K3™ Color is applied to provide a long lasting strings, more volume, less unwanted overtones, greater clarity and articulation then standard, uncoated strings. Yet, they provide the same protection due to corrosion and perspiration as well as increased tone life that coated strings are known for.

DR Bajo Quinto - Red - 26/26, 36/36, 46/46, 60/30, 80/36

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