Danley DNA-20K4 Pro Amplifier

por Danley
Item#DNA-20K4 PRO
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The culmination of five years intensive effort, the Danley Sound Labs DNA series amplifiers represent the leading edge of amplifier design. In a straightforward robust package, they surpass similar products in power delivery, sonic performance and efficiency. Spanning 10,000 to 20,000 Watts RMS output power, all models share a high end specification with generous power reserves.

The integrated state of the art DSP being the perfect complement to the world's finest loudspeaker systems. This truly revolutionary amplifier platform provides a logical front panel user interface and powerful Ethernet based remote control. Both provide access to all features allowing rapid system configuration with full performance monitoring and analytics.

  • Four channels of sonically pure Class D amplification
  • Unique, precise digital signal processing
  • Over designed switch mode power supply
  • 10,000 & 20,000 watts RMS total output
  • Analog, AES3 and DanteTM digital network audio inputs
  • Full front panel user interface
  • Ethernet network software for system operation and monitoring
  • DSP Drive Modules for loudspeaker processing
  • Powerful grouping for multi-layer EQ and effective control of large systems
  • 2 Ohms: 5,000W
  • 4 Ohms: 3,000W
  • 8 Ohms: 1,500W
  • 4 Ohms Bridged: 10,000W
  • 70V line operation: 3,500W
  • 100V line operation: 5,000W
  • Physical inputs to DSP drive modules: 4x analog, 2x AES & 4x DanteTM inputs can be routed to four DSP drive modules
  • Drive module input processing: Input signal routing, delay, gain, HPF, Phase, Mute EQ: 2x low shelf, 6x PEQ / band pass and FIR shelving filters
  • Drive module output processing: Source, delay, gain, Phase, Mute, crossover filters, VX limiters EQ: low shelf, 8x PEQ / band pass and FIR shelving filters
  • Overlays: Twelve additional independent overlays of EQ, Delay and Gain Flexible grouping for effective control of many amplifier channels in large systems


  • Connector Type: L6-20

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