Danley J3-94-AT Aqua Tight Loudspeaker

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The J3-94 is a single source, high level concert box capable of covering very large audiences with clean sound, high clarity and great detail. Because of the large horn it has great pattern control and gain. The coverage pattern is 90° wide and 40° tall. It can be easily flown by many different standard lifts or towers and comes standard with 3/8” fly points on top and bottom and L track on the sides of the cabinet. Only a single cabinet per side is needed for most concerts/festivals or large clubs. The J3-94 is a tri-amped cabinet that uses 4 amp channels: 2 for the lows, 1 for the mids, and 1 for the highs. There are 18 drivers in the horn. Six 15” woofers, eight 6.5” mids and four 1.4” highs with built in overload protection. 


The Jericho loudspeakers are intended for use in long throw applications where SPL levels are required to exceed 100 dB. With over 30 years of loudspeaker design, Tom Danley applies the best of his knowledge in creating something once thought to be impossible. A single reference quality source capable of reaching 150 dB at one meter. The driver alignment is configured to allow for smooth summation across the full range of frequencies. All Jericho loudspeakers exhibit the ability to keep the sound where you point it due to unique horn loading configurations. This is key in providing clear, uncolored sound in reverberant spaces and covering large areas with consistent coverage throughout the listening plane; all while using far fewer loudspeakers. When you need it loud and clear, the Danley Jericho is the best choice on the market.

Aqua Tight Coating
Aqua Tight Coating includes full two layer fiberglass finish for maximum moisture resistance as well as a special polyurea coat bonded to the fiberglass exterior & two topcoat layers of UV resistant color stabilizer. It also includes all stainless steel exterior fasteners, an acoustically transparent moisture barrier to the grille, waterproofing the driver cones and sealant for the input plate, handles or cabinet fixtures. The finish also includes a powder coated stainless steel grille, sealed, waterproof cable leads (12’ length standard), and fully caulked all external joints (except for the “weep” opening at the bottom of the grille).

If a repair is to be made on a loudspeaker with “AT” finish, a few steps must be taken to insure the speaker remains water resistant in future usage. The caulking must be removed to free the grill and driver access panels. Once the repair is finalized, the bolts must be coated with silicon and the caulk must be replaced on all panels that have been removed.

  • Coverage Pattern: 90 x 40 degrees
  • Operating frequency range: 70 Hz – 18 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • Continuous output: 142 dBSPL
  • Peak output: 148 dBSPL
  • Sensitivity: 110 dBSPL
  • Driver complement: 4 x 1.4 Highs; 8 x 6.5 Mids; 6 x 15” Lows
  • Dimensions: 48”H x 36”W x 30”D
  • Weight: 440 Ibs.
  • Rated Impedance: High-4 Ohm; Mid-4 Ohm; Low-2.7 Ohm x2
  • Power Rating: Continuous; High-440; Mid-2400; Low-8400 x2

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