Antigua Winds is proud to announce Vosi, a revolutionary new line of instruments specifically designed to meet the demands of first-time students. Vosi was born from four years of market research and product development, coupled with huge investments in technology and a state of the art new factory. Only the finest materials from Japan, Europe, and the United States are used to craft Vosi instruments.
At Antigua, quality is not just a word, it is our way of life.

  • 65mm Barrel: Designed to produce a focused tone and quick response.
  • Matte Finished ABS Resin Body: ABS resin body makes the clarinet more lightweight and very durable.


    • SERIES: Vosi
    • FINGERING SYSTEM: Boehm 17 keys 6 rings
    • BARREL: 65mm
    • BODY: ABS resin with matte finish
    • KEY MATERIAL: Nickel-plated nickel silver
    • PADS: Valentino Greenback
    • TONE HOLES: Undercut
    • THUMB REST: Fixed with strap ring

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