Audio Technica ATM350S Instrument Microphone System

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This Audio Technica instrument microphone system includes:

  • ATM350a microphone
  • Phantom in-line AT8543 power module
  • AT8491S surface mount stand
  • Carrying case

Cardioid condenser instrument microphone with UniMount® Components

With a clean, clear and well-balanced response, even in applications with high sound pressure levels, the ATM350a cardioid condenser microphone comes in six specially designed systems that offer discrete and rugged mounting solutions for a wide range of instruments, such as instruments wind-wood, string instruments, wind-metal instruments, batteries and pianos.

The eight ATM350a microphone systems combine the instrument microphone with exclusive UniMount® components, offering sound engineers and musicians a large number of reliable mounting options both on stage and in the studio. Options include a rugged drum stand, an all-new magnetic piano stand, a universally-renewed clamp, a woodwind bracket and two rugged flexes (5 and 9 inches) that can be attached to any of the brackets .

This rugged UniMount® gooseneck (long) provides a solid yet flexible support for the cardioid condenser microphone for the ATM350a instrument, so that the user can position the microphone in the desired position, being able to trust at all times that it will stay stable in the desired position. A foam windscreen completely surrounds the microphone. The AT8490 can be used with the AT8491U universal clamp mount, the AT8491P magnetic piano stand, AT8491D battery holder and AT8491W wind instrument stand.

  • 9‘‘ gooseneck
  • Flexible microphone positioning
  • Excellent durability and stability
  • Ideal for large instruments

    AT8491S Surface mount stand

    The AT8491S surface mount allows you to use an ATM350a Cardioid Condenser Instrument Mic and accompanying gooseneck with accordions and other instruments with challenging mounting surfaces. The notched mount can be attached permanently using the accordion’s grille screw and the included adhesive silicon pad, or it can be attached temporarily using the included fastener tape pads. A transparent protective film is also included to prevent damage to the instrument’s finish. Mount includes a socket with locking screw to securely hold an AT8490 5" or AT8490L 9" gooseneck.

     Phantom in-line AT8543 power module

    • Power module for ATM350a instrument microphone
    • Features low-frequency roll-off selection
    • Input on HRS4M
    • Output on 3-pin XLRM

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